Next meeting: 6pm on Tuesday 26 March at Bonne Bouche, 129-131 Praed Street, London W2 1RL.

You are welcome to suggest topics in the comments.

We met at 6pm on Monday 4th February 2013 at Bonne Bouche, 129-131 Praed Street, London W2 1RL

Same people, similar great thought-provoking conversation. Topics included:

  • Making big decisions: how much weight to give to experience and authority versus objectivity and willingness to explore new approaches
  • How and when to keep developers in the product design loop
  • How to convince sceptics to try limiting or reducing the number of work items in progress
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    Inaugural Paddington Lean Coffee!  4 people, lots of suggestions for things to discuss.  We talked about:

    • Improving critical discussion
    • Promoting self-organising teams
    • Estimates
    • Tooling, and how much time to spend on it


    Let’s make this the first of many.